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English summary

Sailing the Dutch Lakes with an original cargo sailing vessel? See Holland the way it was! The old (1895) cargo vessel "Vrouwe Fortuna" sets sail from the village of Oude Wetering (close to Leyden).

It sails the lakes in the province of Zuid-Holland and can moor in old villages and towns. Most of all you can you can experience the Old Dutch landscape with its polders and waters. With its almost 60 ft the ship (type Tjalk) is fit to sail all Dutch waters.

The barge is fully equipped for day tours, weekends and longer trips for max. 12 persons (2 person cabins). The crew (skipper and 'maat') can sail the ship. Once it sets sail the passengers give a helping hand (no experience required).

Normally the ship is rented on a basis of self catering. A fully equipped kitchen is on board. The crew eats with the passengers. If preferred the passengers can also eat out in the evening(s).

For further information about sailing routes and prices call:
Wim Ploeg (vof Poldervaart), 0031 (0) 6-46020393
or mail to: info@vrouwefortuna.nl

Deutsche Zusammenfassung

Rundfahrten met dem Historischen Segelschiff "Vrouwe Fortuna" in das Grüne Hertz Holland. Ein Wunderschönes Gebiet met Kanalen und Seen in der Nahe Holländische Städte wie Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden und Gouda. Es gibt Ausflüge für einen Tag oder Mehrtägige fahrten.

Laatst bijgewerkt op 7 februari 2016